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Ultimate Tiny Marine

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Ultimate Tiny Marine

Post by Guest on Sat Apr 13, 2013 10:51 am

15 minute + tactic

A strong base with unbeatable wall , what should we do ? cant butcher trick , cant do anything ..........

Save the money by gathering dead vampires and alies vampires and dont buy any kitty claw , 10000k . Probably more than that .

Most players who use this must be small vampires that big already dead .

Buy 2 tiny marine , of course you got your own teleport , 800 armor and 2k stat at least , income lord urn of dracula , and your little eye for tiny marine vision ( UBER IMPORTANT )

Small vampires must have much aura as possible . Speed is more better than Damage but both is best .

Set 2 eye of seeing on the place with much towers .

Now aim weak towers such as End game tower level 1 . 500 gold . They are focus on max diamond mine so they wont up this expensive sexy tower .

Then shoot builders , tower of seeing which is weak in hitpoint and extreme feed and get the third tiny marine .

Most humans will build tougher tower and spam heal on it , and some human rather dont want tower .

In that situation , just use overwhemled butcher to end =.= .

If they want to build tower and heal it , 1 marine shoot the tower , and 2 marine shoot a hole which can be blinked .

Set 1 eye of seeing at the blink place .

Human will spam rebuild the blink place , while healing the attacked tower .

So human is totally distracted and you just getting gold from killing the mines human are replacing .

And your vampire stand behind the blink spot with a blink , 2 +800 armor shield , a ring of retardness , golds that get from urn of dracula and gold mine place .

Less base that wall place are near with the blink spot which can attack your waiting vampire , mention later .

Buy more marine as you got more gold mines from blink spot .

Forever leave 2 tiny marines on blink spot gold mines , then the rest new tiny marines focus on shooting tower .

You may increase your vampire level to up aura if you need better quality tiny marines .

Soon if all the tiny marines you got can kill a tower if they shoot all at once , 2 tiny marines stop shoot gold mine blink spot but tower .

Kill tower for more gold , more and more .

After all tower is cleared , select 2 tiny marines in 1 ctrl group .

Each group hit 1 gold mine . Which can strike 3 - 5 gold mine in 2 - 5 second .

Overwhelmed Butcher to end the game because he dont have the chance to build towers .

When they are distracted by 2 place , they cant upgrade anything for slayer , or die ............

Butcher trick ended the game .

But if we straight buy kitty claw that we rather to choose kitty than tiny marine tactics , and cant enter the base , cant butcher trick , lose .

Infact there got more bases , using this tactics always own .

When 2 tiny marines shoots many base weak tower tower of seeing and builders .

When using marines , kill the towers that is builded just now which is trying to hit your tiny marine or vampire , shoot it before it upgrade !

Extra : If the base which have blink spot but close with main wall place and tower able to shoot your vampire which is waiting to blink , what should we do ?

Dont tank , just shoot from distance and if he didnt bother to build , you walk over there and blink , the same , he must spam .

Distraction make them unable to counter , add a v3x as candy candy if you wanna fuck the game quickly .

If big vampire is still alive , stay on blink place and spam pernament stun , then tiny marine clear to get in .................

Target and play solo with a bases without blink spot ? Dont try this !


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