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6 House With Tree Extermination

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6 House With Tree Extermination

Post by Guest on Fri Apr 12, 2013 4:55 pm

There is 3 kind of methods .

First is build 6 house only grow and cut .

Second is build 3 house , then grow and cut , 2 times.

And Third is build 2 house then grow and cut , 3 times .

First method are totally out.

We should Mastery Second and Third method.

Second method is easiest , and fast .

And Third method is hard , because must grow correctly , all 3 houses , also use a blink to regrow after building the third house . as fast as second method.

Second method is good as i say just now , why must learn third method ?

Because in some base you only may build 3 house with tree in a place , and another at the same base .

So if you use second method , later you need to build the third house , only regrow 1 house , so in this case must use third method .


There is position of house with trees and a little extermination of it .

For Up Down Houses , if they saw 1 house slot down from their house they will go there .

In Human Advanced ( Bad Farming Method And Prevent ) lists it.

So leave 2 slots from each house or set rally point if you want to do straight line up down houses with tree .

Bottom , left right house , Down Blocked ( NOT include bottom right house and bottom left house ) = Best house with tree that can contains 9 workers . Also the highest rate of house with tree position that is used in Vampirism Speed .

Left Corner , Up Down Houses , Left Blocked ( not include top left house and bottom left house ) : Can contains 9 workers.

Left Corner , Up Down House , Up Blocked , Left Blocked ( include top left house ) : Contain 6 workers , not good .

Left Corner , Up Down House , Down Blocked , Left Blocked ( include bottom left house ) : Contains 9 workers , good .

Right Corner , Up Down Houses , Right Blocked ( not include top right and bottom right house ) : Only contains 7 Workers , not good .

Right Corner , Up Down House , Up Blocked , Right Blocked ( include top right house ) : Contrains 8 workers , very good .

Right Corner , Up Down Houses , Down blocked , Right Blocked ( include bottom right house ) : Only contains 5 workers , worst . prevent bad farming method.

Top , Left Right House ( not include top left house and top right house ) : 50 % 5 workers , 50% 6 workers , sometimes you use 6 workers will success , but sometimes 1 workers stucks. THIS SUCKS THE MOST .

We can add some building as our own creation blocks to prevent these 2 bad farming method , repeated at bad farming method .

( Up added blocked house )

( perfect )

( Right added blocked house , TOP houses , not included left blocked cliffs )

Conclusion : Workers likes to gather up at up side or right side , both matches , that is why at bottom left right house we always see right workers , no left workers .
They dislike to stay at left or down and that is why top are worst choice that they gather at right , block it.
Workers dislike to stay on left and their fauvour up side so they go and stuck there , which they will stuck , which is right corner houses.
If your house didnt have both side right and up , the house will be perfect as both flavour they like .

( Part 1 )

( Part 2 )

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