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Ultimate V3 Missle Counter

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Ultimate V3 Missle Counter

Post by Nitsuga-Leex on Fri Apr 12, 2013 10:19 am


What is the V3 Missle?
- Coolsdown at 10:00 mark of Elasped Game Time.
- Restocks every 02:00 minutes.
- Limit of 1 stock per time.
- Costs 2000 gold.
- Has a casting range of approximately 1000.
- A slightly-faster-than-V3X-Missle moving missle that destroys any targeted structure upon contact.

Why do we use the V3 Missle?
- Vampires use it when they are unable to break into the opponent's base.
- Used to get feeds during late game. The last walls feed 2.5k gold meaning the Vampire earns of profit of 500 gold.

How do we counter the V3 Missle?
TECHNIQUE #1 - Using your Slayer to cast his/her ultimate/last skill, the AOE Building Invulnerability, to protect your walls from being destroyed by the V3 Missle. (Watch that your Slayer isn't within the range of being stunned. Maxed AOE Building Invulnerability skill provides Invulnerability to all buildings within a range of approximately 2.5k while maxed Vampire Warstomp stuns up to an area of 1k ++. Also, Slayer's ultimate skill has intervals when it is not invulnerable for a very short period of time of around 1 second. You are very unlucky if the V3 Missle managed to land on your wall within that interval.)

TECHNIQUE #2 - Getting a wall that is immune to magic. Such walls are the Gold Wall, Unknown Wall and Immune Wall. The Vampire is not able to cast V3 Missle onto these walls.
If Vampire casts a V3 Missle on your Onyx Wall, upgrade it to one of the stated immune to magic walls and there would be no effect. (Only works for Onyx Walls.)

TECHNIQUE #3 - Quickly denying and rebuilding walls that have been targeted.
Usually, the Vampire would fire a V3 Missle at your wall from as far as possible before proceeding to attack your base.
If the Vampire does that, there is a way to counter that.
When the Vampire casts finish the V3 Missle on your wall, the Missle will appear. At that moment, quickly send a builder (Super/Goblin) and deny your wall then rebuild it.
The V3 Missle will land onto the newly built wall but there would be no effect.

TECHNIQUE #4 - Same thing as the V3X Missle, use your Slayer to buy the V3 Missle everytime it restocks and sell it for it is of no value to you. (Most effective but wastes gold because Vampire may not want to use the V3 Missle.)

Final notes: There are ways to make your base still impregnable even if your wall has been destroyed by a V3 Missle. However, this post is about countering V3 Missle and not saving your base, so I am not going to that part.

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