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Assasin Block

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Assasin Block

Post by Nitsuga-Leex on Fri Apr 12, 2013 10:17 am

Hey everyone,

In this guide page, I will be teaching how counter the annoying assassin that kills your workers silently

Assassin Exterminationrange )

What is Assassin?

- A unit that can be bought from Black Market Summoner (Vampire shop)
- Has permanent invisible (maintain invisible while attacking)
- With slow attack speed and a 1 hit-KO damage that only effects on harvesting workers, blood elf builders and goblin tower builders
- With an ability of 427.6 teleport range ( GOGBLITZ 's calculation of slots learning and 1 slot = range , international numbers and better than guess the

How to counter it?
+Step 1+
Build wall of seeing with any builder.

+Step 2+
Build towers. I suggest Comet Tower because it deals more damage than other towers. Lightning Oracle Tower is fast though but after my calculation of "damage per second", I found out it's lesser than Comet Tower.

+Step 3+
Comet tower can kill an assassin in 3-4 hits, if vampire didn't upgrade summons' hitpoints

+Step 1+
As the assassin's teleport range is 500, you can counter it by putting something to block it

[size=200]Guide uncompleted.

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Re: Assasin Block

Post by vLts-ThunderBlitZ-3D on Mon May 12, 2014 2:39 pm

wow thanks for the spoiler addition i forgotten to continue my guide by that time

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