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Sphere Of Doom Blocks ( Before Base Of Operation )

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Sphere Of Doom Blocks ( Before Base Of Operation )

Post by Nitsuga-Leex on Fri Apr 12, 2013 8:19 am

Use End game towers ( magic immune ) to block at ending , but how about starting to middle game ? how we block ?

First , the main blink entrance , block with a slayer tavern ( magic immune ) .

Slayer taverns can be destroyed by double techies or some fluttering shades , maybe you will research tower defense.

So ultra research center ( magic immune ) offer better resistance , but before that use slayer tavern .

Now we are worry about infernals , just add something at the back so infernal will pop out or spawn very far from the blink spot to reach .

Kill it before it reaches .

Replace ultra research center to Command center for perma reveal or End game towers .

And back replace with diamond mines .

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