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[Guide] Fortress Survival Basics

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[Guide] Fortress Survival Basics

Post by rarigate on Sat May 11, 2013 4:26 pm

Hello, Im gonna show you the basics of FSA.

This is what you will learn in this guide:
- Switch Menu
- Basic Harvesting
- Correct Wall Placing
- Repair Keys


- Switch Menu is an ability that allows you to switch building menus in your survivor (hotkey is T), it has 2 roles:
1. The first menu focuses on "Defense" which is towers, walls, etc..
2. The second menu focuses on "Supportive Buildings" like statue, lumber mills and repair stuff.

- Basic Harvesting is in which you will put a Repair Factory in the middle when you will build lumber mills.


8 Lumber Mills + Repair Factory in the middle = 3x3 slots
If you build 8 Lumber Mills in a 3x3 slot, you will be slower compared to the other way.
Example if the Lumber Mill's construct time is 10 seconds, if you build Repair Factory in the middle, it will be faster by 33% or 0.33, and Repair Factory construction time is 10 seconds too. (JUST IMAGINE)
10 x 0.33 = 3.3 seconds
10 - 3.3 seconds = 6.7 seconds

If you dont put Repair Factory in the middle, then it would be 10 x 8 = 80 seconds to build all, but if you put Repair Factory in the middle, then 10 x 8 = 80, 80 x 0.33 = 26.4, then 80 - 26.4 = 53.6 + 10 (from Repair Factory build time) then it will be 63.6 seconds in total.

[Compare 80 seconds to 63.6 seconds... 80 - 63.6 = 16.4 (you will be 16.4s faster!)]

- Correct Wall Placing is the most important part of this guide, firstly, if your base has 3 slots, cover them all with walls, make sure that you place Energy Walls in the front of your Barricades (because Energy Walls can regenerate itself unlike Barricades, you need to build repair structures to regenerate hp.

- Repair Keys are important also, it is considered as a lifesaver. If your walls are getting destroyed, use Repair Keys to your walls, it will heal by [2000+15% HP].

Good Luck! Smile

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