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[Guide] A guide for the hero "Rocketeer"

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[Guide] A guide for the hero "Rocketeer"

Post by rarigate on Sat May 11, 2013 4:08 pm

Hello, Im gonna teach you a small guide on how to use the hero "Rocketeer"

What is a "Rocketeer"?

- It is used for killing mass units in an area.
- It has a small splash damage that is useful until late game. (Good combination with Adrenaline)
- It has a nice ability called "Nuclear Strike", this is the reason why this hero is picked.


- After you make your walls, energy walls, etc... upgrade them until Silver Wall and Growth Wall. make sure you build a Command Center and train this hero.
- Make sure you focus on your income, you don't need to worry on your walls until they are getting destroyed.
- Use your nuke to damage and slow mass enemies.

You can use your nuke anywhere in the map.

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