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FAQ in FSA. [Inc]

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FAQ in FSA. [Inc]

Post by rarigate on Sat May 11, 2013 3:58 pm

FAQ questions at FSA:

How to get lumber?

You can get lumber from Lumber Mills

Why can't I see other buildings in my builder?

You can click "Switch Menu" from your human to see more structures to build

I am dead, can I still be revived?

Yes, you may ask your teammate to get your soul and research "Soul Research" from a Command Center, dont worry, it's a team upgrade.

Where can I train a hero?
You can train one at a Command Center (second menu, hotkey is "C")

How can I train other hero besides from Rocketeer and Marine?
You must rank up so you can get better heroes (higher difficulty makes you rank faster)

Why are my walls being damaged but I dont see anyone attacking, is it a ghost?
No, maybe red has enabled invisible units.

What is this "Repair Key" thingy?
Duh, it has the ability to heal your selected structure by [20%+5000HP]

What are the differences of Energy Walls and Barricades?
Energy walls can regenerate hp at its own while Barricades are not. Barricades have more HP so adding repairs on it is very useful.

Why are they putting Repair Factories at the middle of Lumber Mills?
So the lumber mills can be built faster.

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