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Build Guide (Green Circle TD)

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Build Guide (Green Circle TD)

Post by Guest on Fri May 03, 2013 6:16 am

* first of all you must have self confidence while playing Green Circle TD.
* so you will be good enough playing Green Circle TD.
Tips and Guides

*1st you must build an siege tower (level 5) corner near at respawn area then build an multi tower at the near of the road where the creeps go. then when u have an enough money upgrade the multi tower ...level 1-5 i guess..

*2nd when you have enough money upgrade the multi tower into level 3 and sell the seige tower....level 6-8

*3rd when the rounds is air unit.. build an fire tower place it in the place you want.level 6-8

*4th save enough money.. when the creeps are stronger enough build corruption tower,destruction tower i guess then upgrade it .... also upgrade the multi tower ....

*5th make your own strategy when the creeps getting stronger and stronger...
That Only i have Tips and Guides For Green Circle TD

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