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[Guide] Complete List of FSA Achievements.

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[Guide] Complete List of FSA Achievements.

Post by Guest on Wed May 01, 2013 6:00 pm

Hello, this guide teaches you what are FSA Achievements.

What are FSA Achievements?

- When you finish a difficulty, you will get an achievement.

List of achievements:

Very Easy - N/A

Normal - N/A

Mad - N/A

Impossible - Trojan's Roar (an item that you can use once per game, it will come back in an other game, it stuns nearby opponents for 5 seconds)

Nightmare - Behemoth's Wings (an item that allows you to move/motivate your units faster, if you use it, it will last long until you press ESC, it recharges itself by 50/100 per minute. (I think o.o)

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