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Ring Method And Traps

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Ring Method And Traps

Post by Guest on Sat Apr 13, 2013 11:07 am

As a vampire , he knows how to trick a human and combination of vampire tricks and distraction is his masterpiece move .

Firstly , Ring method , Always remember :

Stun should be always level 4 which is same with ring 's bat attack range .

1 . Put shades at the spot which able to blink into base .

They will certain come here to build blink block and you teleport here and kill .

2 . Put shades at wal place but not too close that they can see your shades .

If they come repair or do something here , kill .

3 . Put it at 6 o clock safe farm place and safe vault and people will come build as usual and teleport to kill him .

4 . Random place to kill full map human player .

5. Assasin gave them distraction after that your vampire go hit his wall , after he d9 all workers he saw his base underattack , he wont see your inventory as usual because panic or scare the wall almost broken that he comes to repair and he get killed .

Butcher Hook Human .

1 . Always distract human to repair their wall while you try to hook them as hard as possible .

2 . Distract them such as assasin to kill his harvests if you saw a place which can hook his human and you reach there soon , distract him that he didnt notice your butcher , then kill .

For traps at ending like beating full map human player , he will kill all our revealer , and always remember the spots our human usually blink to .

Then try to kill your tower which is close with your human usual stay place with tiny marine then keep kill your revealer command center .

And when you ran out of revealer and stay on your usual spot without notice any shades .

You didnt see the shades and get killed by pernament stun .

Also a little block of assasin block , you use fel beast to block the place human trying to build buildings to block assasin .

Move shades to place which humans like to build their " Unhittable Gold Mine " , this works effective on Non-Mhers

Also he gets a meat carrier as soon as possible and place all shades behind the base which human is possible to be there .


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