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Soul burn + Chain boost

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Soul burn + Chain boost

Post by Guest on Sat Apr 13, 2013 10:58 am

A human with researched hitpoint is impossible to kill without v3x or by entering the base or butcher .

To kill a human which is with high hp , we will use soul burn , pernament stun and chain lightning .

Probably this able to be used when they get command center so their human probably are 9500 . ( If they wanna fast farm it will be 5000 , pretty easy to kill )

First stun , then soul burn and after that chain .

If the human is 5k hp , he will die , even he start to build a wall of health which is possible to heal his human ( healing wave too )

If his human is 9.5 k hp , and he didn't build a wall of health behind him , he will die too .

So while u doing this and he focus on healing his human , you should use some tricks ( strategies combination ) to enter the base and win eazily .

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